Mindful IVF

New App Update V4.0

Over the last 2 weeks we have updated the Mindful IVF app. As you can see its a whole new design with a beautiful and magical interface. The team have worked on this for over 6 months and we are super excited to have it launched.

As always, thank you for your amazing support. We would not be here with out. Every day the team strive to improve Mindful IVF, we really understand your journey.
95% of our audience has now moved over to the new version and considering its only been a week, we only had a few bugs which we managed to squash within 2 days and upload a new version.

On March 28th 2024, our old legacy servers are being put out to pasture, they have served us so well over the last 4 years. We have migrated to super fast rockstar servers to supercharge our engines. Please ensure to update your app to the latest version, in iOS go to appstore and update, on android, its playstore and update.

If you have any issues, as always we are available at: support@mindfulivf.com